Look who’s five!

It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since our little guy Jaylen was born. I’ve blinked and now he’s such a big boy…so proud to be five. He’s such a loving, charming, and fun little kid these days. I visited him just before it was time to pick him up from pre-k today and brought the kids some cookies so they could celebrate his special day. I’m still in shock that he’s in school…I swear it was just yesterday that he was born and I was holding him in my arms.

Jaylen who was once the baby has transitioned well into the middle child of our family. He’s such a care free little guy who loves his brother and sister so much.

We started Jaylen in t-ball this fall with the little league. He’s becoming quite the little ball player. I can’t help love hearing when he tells us how happy it makes him that he now gets to play ball. He’s thanked us several times for signing him up to play telling us how much fun it is for him.

Jaylen is often one of the toughest to photograph. In the last few years he’s grown into a shy little fellow who prefers not to have too much attention placed upon him. Often times that makes it hard for me to capture memorable moments with him where he’s caught in those moments of happiness that we witness often. In the last month or so he’s really taken to my camera and has either cooperated for a few quick shots or has asked for me to take his photo.

About two weeks ago I was out taking photos and he asked me to take his photo…he said “…because I look cute!” Yes, boy…you are incredibly adorable…I’ve been waiting for the day that you’ve wanted me to take your pictures.

Yes, my baby…has begun to grow a little more. The little guy who once was the baby I dreamed of for years…the same one that was the one I got to baby a little longer after miscarrying three years ago…and the little guy who I feared would always want to be babied when we learned Chance would be born. Thankfully he’s transitioned so well and as time passes he continues to amaze me with his sweet spirit and caring heart.

Jaylen is our shy child. He’s quite bashful but sometimes that’s what I absolutely adore about him. I use to worry because he talked very little the last few years and I’ve come to realize that he’s smart enough to only share his thoughts when he needs to. Surely if they are important enough he will say them. In the last year he’s become such a chatter box, still shy, but he’s been known to¬† talk on and on and on when he gets excited about things.

I still remember when he was first born all the nurses in the nicu who cared for him in the first few hours after he was born said he was such a ladies man. I guess he knew how to make them all smile and gave them his pouty lip when he wanted more attention. Since he’s begun preschool he’s come home claiming he has a few girlfriends. Yes, if you saw him around the little preschoolers, they all adore him…how can you blame them.

Every day one or two of his little friends run up to him to give him a hug and say hello or goodbye for the day…and this is the smile I see, the one I love. My shy guy all smiles.:)

Okay, kid…it’s official…you’re five. I’ve decided not to bust out the kleenex this year thinking about how fast you’re growing…instead I’m overjoyed just seeing what an amazing little kid you’ve become.

Yes, Jaylen Nathaniel…you truly are a gift from God…you’ve blessed our family with so many memorable moments and we love you to pieces. Happy birthday son…now try not to rush to turning into a teenager like you were counting to today, okay?! We wish we could keep you five forever…because we just love this little adorable boy that you’ve become.

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