Behind the scenes with Blue

“It is prosperity that gives us friends, adversity that proves them.” ~ Unknown

I told Blue back in December that someday I’d blog about him after I took this photo of him.

I took that photo back in December when we got to work together doing photography for the first time participating in Help-Portrait and teaming up to photograph the Bosley Family that same day. It was certainly a memorable day and helped me look forward the months ahead as he and I discussed him helping capture moments with our family as well as moments surrounding Chance’s birth in February. I’ve known Blue since 2001 when I began going to school at Valencia while I was still pregnant with Hope. We’ve taken quite a few courses together and have worked together for several years. Many of you may know him as Gian Carlo Brand, his nickname “Blue” that he went by when we first took classes together still sticks with me all these years. Blue and I have known one another so long that he does seem a lot like a brother to me and I could think of no one better to have helped us in capturing some of the most personal and private moments with our family the last few months. Thanks to him we have some amazing photos to accompany the memories. Our family is so thankful to have such a great friend to share these moments with. He and his wife have been there for our family several times, not just to take photos but to reach out and show their support as we have endured some of the most challenging moments our family has ever faced. There’s no doubt that the adversity our family has faced has only strengthened the connection our families have with one another.

If you’ve been following my blog you may have seen the photos Blue took back at the beginning of February of our family while I was still pregnant with Chance. We planned to take photos again sometime after Chance was born. We’ve both been so busy but finally found time this morning to meet again for photos. I’m sure in time Blue will share his photos from today. I got a chance to take a few photos in between when I was in photos…so I thought it was worth sharing a sneak peak of some moments from the morning which I’m sure will leave you all a little more anxious to see his photos.

It was a beautiful sunny morning here in Florida. When we arrived we all chatted and caught up. Jason held Chance and we all admired how much he has grown since we last saw Blue when Chance was in the NICU.

Yes, watch out…I believe this kid might just be beginning to recognize my camera!:)

While Blue was getting his gear ready Hope and Chance spent some time together. Chance absolutely adores Hope…it’s so evident in this photo.

Blue spent a bit of time photographing Hope & Jaylen together. It’s always a treat to see how other photographers approach a photoshoot…he was totally immersed in the moment of capturing some adorable moments with these two cute kiddos of mine.

I think Hope might be Blue’s new favorite model after the last couple months. We all joked today that with as many photos as I’ve taken of her over the years that she does have close to 10 years of modeling experience.:)

He let the kids play and be themselves…yes, they wrestled…WWE style…sure we let them “power bomb” one another for a few photos. It was totally worth seeing the laughter and it certainly helped them open up a bit more.

After we took the majority of our family photos Blue agreed to fill up Jaylen’s water gun. It totally made his day…yes, I think it totally made both of their days.

While we were out we left Jason and Chance behind so that I could take some photos of Blue & his wife who are expecting their little girl next month. When we headed back Blue spotted this moment and quickly grabbed my camera to take this photo because his were all packed away in his bags far away from him. We all looked on and admired the moment of Jason and his baby boy as Blue took a photo of such an unforgettable moment.

Blue primarily specializes in photo journalistic wedding photography but is known to do a lot of other amazing photography of couples and events. It’s worth checking out his blog or facebook page to see some of his most recent work that I’m sure you all would admire.

Yes, Blue has become that much more special to our family the last few months. Taking this photo of him with the kids reminded me of that. He’s certainly someone the kids have gotten quite comfortable with. Jaylen now refers to him as “blue” and after both of the times we’ve had him take photos with our family he’s said “that was fun!” Yes, often times my kids are so tired of photos because I take so many of them on an almost daily basis and they definitely felt that way before we started to take photos today. However, Blue definitely did a great job connecting with them to help us capture more memorable moments…something tells me years from now we’ll look back and have quite a few amazing photos taken by and with this awesome photographer and wonderful friend of ours.

Blue thank you once again for helping us capture moments with our family…and helping create another memorable day.

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