24 days new

“Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.” ~ Jim Rohn

This past week having Chance home has been a blessing, but it’s also one where I’ve felt the days slipping away quickly. As they do I’ve recognized more now than ever before that his “newborn” moments are certainly beginning to fade away. Perhaps it’s partly due to my role as a newborn photographer that I’ve come to feel a bit cheated out of his first three weeks of him being in the hospital. Of course it hasn’t stopped me from still trying to capture as many of the moments that he’ll allow me when I have the energy to do so but I have to admit it hasn’t been easy. I suppose it’s a good challenge for any newborn photographer to capture “newborn” moments past the typical newborn stage. Yes, something tells me the challenge to photograph him now will only help me become a better newborn photographer.

I spent time embracing these newborn moments yesterday when Chance was 24 days old. Typically I never photograph babies on black unless I know they’re going to be super cooperative because it’s so tough to get the exposure and light just right. I didn’t even question it yesterday. He fussed a bit but it was only a matter of time before he got comfy for some of my new favorite photos of him.

Yes, Chance still sleeps pretty well for me, however, it’s so tough to get my little snuggle bug to be as curly as he once was. Yes, the curly little guy I only got to hold a time or two before he lost his newborn “curl”. He’s known to stay stretched out these days so it did take some work to get him to get this curly for these two photos. Of course part of his problem is that his little belly is growing fast these days!

I have to say one of the only positive things I’ve had work in my favor with Chance having spina bifida is that the first 3 weeks of his life he was expected to sleep on his belly in order for his back to heal, something most suggest against for newborns. All of my children have been known to be stomach sleepers but this little guy definitely is most comfortable resting peacefully on his belly.

This past week when Chance was still in the hospital Hope’s class was assigned to write a persuasive letter. Hope elected to write Chance’s doctor a letter to persuade her why he shouldn’t be in the hospital. You’ve got to admire her persistence.

Hope’s definitely been happy to have Chance home all week. Yes, we’re a little amazed…he’s been home almost one full week without any trips to the hospital!

I’ve had a lot of you asking how Chance is doing. As you can see he’s growing quickly and getting pudgier by the day. His back is still troublesome for me to look at due to how it’s healing. We’ve been sending his doctor photos regularly with updates and we’ll get to see her next week for his next appointment so hopefully by then it’ll have made a lot of good progress healing. Right now though it looks pretty icky. We clean it thoroughly a couple times a day and continue to give him antibiotics to help prevent any infections. Aside from that he’s behaving like a typical newborn. He sleeps, eats, pees and poops non-stop all day and night leaving us a little more tired this week tending to his needs regularly, instead of the NICU nurses doing most of it for us. I can’t complain…every day we’re not in the hospital I consider a blessing.

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March 19, 2011 - 10:49 pm

Blue - This are beautiful as always and so touching. I am sorry for the lost time you guys had but I believe it will be made up to you somehow, I wish you to continue to get better and thank you for sharing your beautiful photography with the world

March 23, 2011 - 12:24 pm

Scott Taylor - CHANCE you are beautiful and your mommy sure can take great photos. You are a lucky little boy in so many ways. I feel lucky too as I am sharing the joy of your progress as each day goes by.
AMANDA thank you so much for sharing these wonderful pictures and your day to day experiences with us.
I wish God’s blessing on you all. Your strength sets a high water mark for all of us.
Warmest wishes for continued good fortune,

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