Jaylen’s second birthday

“She held her head high and looked the world straight in the eye.” – Kobi Yamada

It’s been just one week since surgery and all the tough challenges that have come with the last week and we found ourselves today taking time to celebrate Jaylen’s second birthday. For me it was another day of reflection as I realize how much we’ve went through this last week. I can’t say it’s been easier, but I am steadily finding it within myself to regain that strength to remember all the reasons I do have to celebrate, like Jaylen’s birthday. Maybe it’s just me, but something tells me most mothers feel very similar on their child’s birthday. As I struggle to still accept that I’m no longer pregnant, today I found myself reflecting on all the joy that entered our lives two years ago today. My children’s birthdays are by far the most memorable moments of our lives and every year I’m reminded of those moments when our little miracles were born. So today I reflected and still feeling under the weather with a bit of a cold and realizing I had to take yet another 365 photo for the day. **ugh**


I want to thank all of you who called to chat with us and wish Jaylen his special birthday wishes. Some of you called, some even singing happy birthday. He’s a lot like his Momma not wanting to talk to anyone on the phone. In fact, he cried every single time someone sang happy birthday to him over the phone.

This past year Jaylen has grown so much. Just a few interesting things that come to mind when I think of my baby boy who is now two:

  • He loves to play ball, so much so that it was his first word.
  • I adore his sweet voice, especially when he says, “Ma…” – these days that’s the word he says most.
  • He loves Blue’s clues – he even makes the hand motions from Blue’s clues just about any time he sees a paw print.
  • He’s an avid fan of Yo Gabba Gabba and can point out every character even though he can’t say most of their names still. Yes, he has all the characters memorized. He’s even known to beep box like Biz Markie does in the show.
  • He’s a total rock star. Since we got Rock band he will run to get his gabba guitar anytime they’re playing the game. He really truly rocks out. He’s not afraid to scream into the microphone like a rock star either.
  • He’s a total xbox gamer already. When he hears the xbox boot up he runs to get one of the xbox controllers and thinks he’s playing games with his Daddy.
  • He loves to color. He’s known to color himself from head to toe on more than one occasion. We gladly support his creative side.
  • He’s a big fan of popsicles.
  • I’m convinced he’s directly related to the cookie monster.
  • I consider him my carb-o-saurous. He eats virtually no vegetables or meat without trickery. He’ll eat anything with carbs in it all day long.
  • He really loves cars. Before he could say car he would make the “vrooom” noise a car makes any time he saw a car, sometimes he still does.
  • He loves to climb. He loves falling too. Usually when he falls he laughs lately.
  • He loves books. He’s known to pull every single one off the bookshelf.
  • He totally loves his big sis.

Jaylen and I spent a part of the day coloring. He colored for a few hours total today.



He loves to show me the crayons he chooses to color with.



When Hope first arrived home from school she wished him a happy birthday and they colored more. Seeing these two together today really has me excited to see how their bond as brother and sister will grow over the years.


Before the day ended he colored so much that he even colored himself. He loves to color on himself with markers still. It was his birthday so we didn’t see reason to stop him.


Because we are having a birthday party for both the kids in a few weeks we decided against having a party today, but we still felt it important that we do something to show this little boy of ours just how special he is. So we picked up cupcakes for the kids to enjoy. We sang happy birthday and he seemed a little unsure of what was going on.


The only people we invited over was my friend Sasha and her three boys, who have become a lot like family the last few years. The kids had a blast enjoying the cupcakes, especially once Hope decided to act super silly.


A few times the last few years she has thought it’s funny to put the cake in her face, which is exactly what she did today. It was  hilarious and even more so once Jason decided to put another cupcake in her face.


It seems like such a long time since I’ve heard this much laughter in my home.


Hope really did think it was hilarious to have a cupcake smashed in her face but when I pointed the camera at her she was sure to give me her super serious face.


Of course the birthday boy was still a little uncertain of what was going on so he just sat and watched his big sister acting silly.


Jaylen spend most of the rest of the afternoon and evening with his birthday balloon Sasha gave him. He’s sat with it watching cartoons. He’s ran around the house with it. He’s pulled it in and out of rooms. He totally loves his balloon. So much so that he even said “balloon” today – which is one of the few words he has said.


So I find myself reflecting quite a bit again today but grateful to find my way through all my thoughts to enjoy the little moments today has held as I watch this little guy of mine grow another year older. I’m equally grateful to have an amazing friend who’s once again found a way this week to lift the spirits of my family during the challenging moments we’ve been experiencing. Thank you my friend, once again you’ve found a way to help me smile a little more this week.

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October 12, 2009 - 10:53 pm

K. Mascarello-Simari - awwwwwww. i cant believe he is 2 already!!! wow! i love what he did to his little legs!! hahaha. fav picture is him on the couch with his balloon. so cute! happy birthday Jaylen! so his birthday is the day before yours? wow!

August 24, 2010 - 3:15 pm

M. Dorsey - I have only gotten this far into your story, but let me tell you: You have an amazing family, and they are also blessed to have you.

December 22, 2011 - 8:55 am

Topher - That’s a smart answer to a diffculit question.

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