The start of another school year

All weekend Hope could hardly contain her excitement as she counted down the beginning of the school year. Last night she was sure to remind me that there’d be just a few more hours until she started second grade and that next year she’d be in third grade. I reminded her not to rush growing up. This morning we got back into our school routine and Hope was up and ready much earlier than expected. She even packed her own lunch before I had the chance to!

Last year on her first day of school Hope begged to ride to and from school on the bus. This year she wanted to ride in the van to school and ride the bus home. Here are a few pictures of my big second grader before school.

Hope before leaving for school

Hope before leaving for school

thumbs up for second grade

When we dropped her off at school she waved bye and walked into school. Yes, I missed her a little more today.

dropping Hope off at school

off to second grade

While Hope was at school Jaylen and I had fun with one another. He was glued to his magna doodle for a portion of the morning.

magna doodling

And we colored.


Yes, coloring makes my little man happy. I just love to see his huge smiles.

coloring makes him happy!

He had a tough time deciding on what crayon to use, so he grabbed a handful.

my little artist

Of course he was eager to hand me crayons so I could color too. I suppose that was his way of asking me to put the camera down.

he kept handing me crayons

And yes, he colored quite contently for quite a bit this morning.

my little artist

I have really come to admire how loving this little guy has become lately. He must have known I was needing a hug this morning.


He’s been a smoochy little fellow lately, here’s his adorable little smoochy face that I just adore.

mr. smoochy

By this afternoon Jaylen was quite excited to go for a ride in the wagon to pick up his big sis. You can just see it in the smile on his face.

he likes riding in the wagon!

So we walked, in the Florida heat. Jason pulled Jaylen in the wagon as I took pictures.

on the way to pick Hope up

By the time we got to the bus stop Jaylen began rubbing his eyes and seemed a little tired. He leaned against the wagon looking a little tuckered out.

he was tired of waiting

A moment later he crashed.

a second later he crashed

With it being the first day of school we ended up waiting longer than usual for Hope’s bus to arrive. We waited nearly 40 minutes for her bus.

236/365: waiting for Hope

napping while we waited for Hope's bus

Hope’s bus finally arrived and she was the first one off the bus.

getting off the bus on the first day of school

I admit I was happy to see my big second grader finally home.

Yay...she's home!

She proudly gave her daddy a high five as he congratulated her on her first day of second grade.

High five!

I was standing a short distance away taking pictures and Jason and our neighbors were sure to point out I was waiting for her to arrive home too.

just take a guess who they're pointing at!

We walked home as Hope told us about her first day of second grade.

walking home from the bus

walking home

She made sure to tell us that her teacher would let her put stickers on her folder. And she was excited to learn that her teacher had a chihuahua. She told us all about some of her classmates and about music class. She was also proud to let us know she was the line leader this week in school!

telling her daddy all about her day

By the time we arrived home Hope again reminded me that pretty soon she’d be in third grade. I again had to remind her not to rush second grade, her Momma’s not quite ready for third grade.

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August 24, 2009 - 8:28 pm

Ms. James - Awwww, how touching.

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