A few new things for Chance…

My baby boy is now just over ten months old and seems to be changing so much lately. Boy do I miss him being brand spankin’ new but I tell you what…it’s a treat to see how much he’s growing into such a charming little boy. This past month has brought a lot of new changes. Today I finally took a bit of time to admire my little man before he grows right on out of these stages that I’m adoring so much.

This past month he started physical therapy. He has been sitting for a while but not quite what I’d say independently. He loses his balance easily and is known to throw himself back. He hadn’t shown too many signs of having a desire to be mobile either…no matter how much we tried to get him to move those little legs he was content just laying around enjoying the things around him. At physical therapy we mostly have been working on getting him to do things to strengthen his body in the areas needed to sit confidently and independently and also to roll on his own out of desire…not just out of fussiness. Here I was wishing for my baby boy to show a desire to crawl…and he still was working on things that most babies his age typically would have done months ago. Every time he’s been on his belly he’d just leave those legs locked out straight and it’s tough not to let my momma emotions wonder how long it’d possibly be before he’d begin to show signs of wanting to move around…and yes, crawl.

In the last week he’s made big progress. We can’t lay him down without him rolling right on over. And he’s begun to scoot backwards. In the last few days he’s begun to move those legs in a bit more of a bent and at times upward position…yes, a little more like this little guy will crawl before we know it. Go ahead Chance…show of those little legs moving!

He knows we’re quite proud of how well he’s been doing. Something tells me he’s proud to be moving around a bit more now too.

He’s begun to stick his tongue out more too…it’s the funniest thing. Okay, this was just the start of it today…just wait, this kid will have you laughing.

Chance has another surprise…if you’ve been on facebook you’ve likely heard about it…take a guess…Yes, two new teeth! Finally they’ve popped up just enough for me to photograph. He smiles so big that they’ll likely be in all his photos now.Okay…this kid is cute…but get ready for his silly side.He’s found this tongue can get most people to look at him…and even laugh. As if the kid didn’t get enough attention…he’s quite funny this past week with this new trick.And yes, he knows he’s funny.Seriously…he cracks me up…the last few days he has spent a good portion of the day sticking his tongue out.We spent a little time today just admiring this little guy before he grows too much more.And yes, this little guy rolls all around now…it seems we set him down and he ends up on the other side of the room.We’re still trying to figure out where he learned this trick…seriously…half the day this kid is humoring us like this.Ten months old…geez where has time gone.Today reminded me once again to admire just the simplest of moments…yes, I had no intent to take any of these photos today…it all began much like it ended…with a little baby boy who was fascinated with cartoons moving around on the floor. I’m thankful for the memories…every single simple moment that has come and gone…thank goodness for photos to remind me of the priceless unplanned moments.

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December 28, 2011 - 11:14 am

heather herron - hes soooooo adorable! So glad he is doing so great! You always have THE BEST photos!

December 28, 2011 - 1:42 pm

Shanna Burgoyne - I love him! He is so cute! I am extremely sad that I have not met him in person yet! I’m not even gonna set a date anymore cause it never seems to works out just know that you are always in my thoughts and I love sharing his spirit through your pictures!

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