Four months!

“We’re so busy watching out for what’s just ahead of us that we don’t take time to enjoy where we are.” ~Calvin and Hobbes

Ah,  yes, leave it to running across the words of wisdom of  Calvin and Hobbes recently to remind me to stop thinking about the many things keeping me busy and weighing on my mind these days and instead pause to enjoy the moment I’m in.

Yesterday that moment brought the realization that Chance is now four month old. Yes. Four. Months. old. *sigh*

I’ll stop trying to figure out how time escapes me and instead I’m reminding myself to enjoy the moment…or perhaps “freeze” the moment I’m in through photography. I decided to try on his panda hat again to see if it still fit…and it did.

Hope agreed to give me a hand trying to get him to sit for a few seconds for a photo. He was so focused on his big sister that he didn’t want to look at the camera.

He was a bit wobbly and began to get fussy. It was getting close to nap time so Hope asked if she could take the pictures and if I’d try to help him sit. As he began to cry we played patty cake. It’s the one thing that almost always makes him smile lately.

It took several attempts and many times singing patty cake before I was able to let go long enough for Hope to take these next two photos. She’s getting pretty good, eh!?

After we took those photos I was so proud of Hope and of Chance. I told him how awesome he did and Hope took this adorable photo of the two of us.

It’s been four months since he was born and many of you have asked me “how is he doing?” or “how’s his back doing?” I thought it was about time we shared another photo of his back so you can see for yourself.

His back has healed well and as Hope said yesterday, “his scar looks good, you can barely see it.” It’s faded quite a bit, but it’ll definitely be there for life…it’s a constant reminder of his spina bifida…but also a reminder of what a strong little guy he is. In four months…

  • We’ve seen this little guy of ours go through five surgeries. His back is doing well. His shunt continues to be functioning as its suppose to. And  his hernia repair surgery went well and is healing just as it’s suppose to.
  • He started out just 6lbs 7oz & 18″ and is now over 13lbs and 23″. Yes, he officially has super cute chunky baby rolls.
  • He now smiles, laughs, and coos. He’s found his thumb this week and now sucks on his hand if he doesn’t have his pacifier. He’s learned to roll over from his belly to his back…but usually only when he’s fussy. And as you’ve seen in photos…he can sit for a few seconds to about a minute at a time.
  • He continues to move his legs and feet which is a great sign. I’m praying everyone will stop asking me “will he walk?” His movement thus far is a great sign but even we won’t know what he will be able to do until the day comes for him to prove what he is capable of. I admit even I wonder that same question. I wonder also how much he can feel in his legs. I am constantly trying to see if he can feel with his legs or feet and based on his reactions at times I believe he does. I suppose we won’t know for sure what he’s going to be capable of until he’s a little older so for now we’ll just keep praying.
  • In the last month or so we’ve begun to recognize that the bladder/bowel issues will likely be unavoidable. We’ve learned that majority of spina bifida patients are likely to endure a range of problems due to the fact that the opening in their back likely may have caused damage to the area that controls bladder/bowel function. Yes, it’s one of the part of spina bifida I hoped to avoid most…but it seems we’re not going to escape it. Thus far our little guy had dealt with constipation which has made him very irritable. After nursing all my children, I am confident it’s not “normal” baby fussiness and we’ve begun to intervene to help manage his care.
  • He’s still strictly nursing and I’m likely going to wait another month or two before we transition to solid foods. I admit after seeing him more constipated in the last month or more I’m a tad bit nervous to see how he does with that transition.
  • We’ve learned he definitely is allergic to latex, which was expected due to all the surgeries he’s been through. Though we knew it was a precaution, now that we know it’s a for sure thing we’ve got to be that much more proactive in his care.

Yes, I can’t believe it. Chance is now four months old. Four months has went by way too fast. Happy four month birthday baby boy!

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June 28, 2011 - 10:34 am

Gretchen Soares - Chance is so darned cute!!! I love the wide awake eyes in these pictures :-)

And Amanda… if you are rocking the shunt you can TOTALLY rock the bowel issues. And the cool thing with those… as babies and small children they are HARD (no lying, I don’t do it!) BUT, when they get older, those issues become easier, and mostly you can elliminate the meds and go to timed routines. Ahhh, so nice!

You are doing GREAT and you gus deserve a big team hug! Chance is blessed to have you guys as his family!

June 28, 2011 - 6:32 pm

Gina Marshall - I am so proud of you and your family. Thank you for sharing!

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