3 weeks old

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” ~ Leo Tolstoy

Just over 3 weeks ago our baby boy was born. Hard to believe how much our lives have changed in just 3 short weeks. We all had hoped and prayed to be have been spared the challenges of spina bifida, and perhaps we were all a bit niave, but we didn’t anticipate to still be totally overwhelmed by Chance’s recovery. 3 weeks later here’s what we woke up to.

3wks later

Yes, a totally graphic image of Chances back wound that is still healing. I recall when he was just a few days old admiring how great it had looked. He’s been growing a lot and his healing has seemingly taken a turn for the worse. When we saw it this morning we grew more nervous and frantically texted this iPhone photo to his neurosurgeon fearing it’d land us back in the hospital. It’s not leaking so we’ve been advised to keep it as clean as possible and he’s now on oral antibiotics that’ll hopefully help fight off any infections. I’ve done a lot of reading and each baby seems to cope with healing very differently. Some have had as long of a recovery or longer, some have had far less time. We’re trying to keep him on his belly as much as possible and Chance seems to enjoy sleeping that way best so today has seemingly gone a lot smoother at home.

Today we received a little reassurance at Chance’s first pediatric appointment. We called this morning to schedule his first appointment and they didn’t hesitate on bringing us in. The doctor said that considering he has spina bifida she felt he was in great shape and is growing well. She’s not too concerned with his wound either. She’s asked that we bring him in for more regular appointments until he’s fully healed. It’s more reassuring knowing her office has made arrangements not to schedule any other “sick” kid appointments during the time we have an appointment given the vulnerability Chance has to infections. Chance still isn’t so sure what to think of doctor’s appointments. He screamed while getting weighed in. He’s now 7lbs 4 oz and 19″ long. He’s grown several ounces in just one day…no wonder his wound isn’t healing…that belly is growing fast.

1st pediatrician appt

One of the best feelings of the morning was seeing how much Jaylen seemed to finally be admiring Chance. He woke up and crawled right into bed beside us both and told me all about Baby Chance and how he was opening his eyes. He told me he was “cute”. And he touched his hair. Later that morning Jason let Jaylen feed Chance. I was a bit preoccupied so thankfully he took a few photos. Look how proud he is.

Jaylen feeding his baby brother

Yep, these two are going to be best buds…
Jaylen feeding his baby brother

I’ve been told you all can’t get enough of this cute little guy’s sweet face so I had to force myself to work a little more with him today. He’s growing more active by the day and I’m growing more hesitant with how much I’ll push him as I am more worried about his back. Thankfully he loves to lay on his belly. Thankfully the awesome hat made by Ewa of Mamique designs that Chance is wearing in most of these photos arrived just before we took his photos today and it fit perfectly.

Chance 3 weeks old

Chance 3 weeks old

Chance 3 weeks old

Chance 3 weeks old

Chance 3 weeks old

Chance 3 weeks old

Happy 3 week birthday little guy…thanks for making sure we got to celebrate our time with you at home all day instead of in the hospital! It’s the first time we made it more than 24 hours without getting admitted into the hospital!

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March 16, 2011 - 10:43 am

Amanda Ridding - Yay for 24 hours home! I think that, and when they’ve been home as long as they’ve been in the hospital – very important days to remember!
I LOVE that little hat!
With Nick’s back, I had a whole routine going, involving dressing changes and oral antibiotics and saline water to clean it. We also kept Nick on his belly for the first 6 weeks (but Nick’s insicion was an odd shape and covered the whole lower part of his back).
It is great that you could send a picture to his neurosurgeon and skip another trip in.
Hopefully it will start healing better very soon!

March 18, 2011 - 7:57 am

Erica Reynoso-Montalvo - The photo of his wound gives me a whole new understanding of “growing pains.” He is doing so beautifully, though. He’s so beautiful and his spirit is amazing. I’m in awe of the physical strength and endurance that he has.

March 18, 2011 - 8:04 am

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